Awards and


The road behind our Awards and Recognitions starts off as early as 1990 when we received a Gold medal for quality & timely completion of Engineering Students Hostel Building- OU campus from the then Government of Andhra Pradesh. Our awards speak of the degree of expertise, experience, and forte in the construction industry.

Given our three generations of construction background spanning across 40years of expertise, quality has always been our top priority. Having said that, we have continuously strived to stay relevant given any time and day, without compromising on our standards. Perhaps this has been one element that engages us with our clients.

Putting heart into everything we do is what earned us the Indian Achievers Award for the most promising start-up in the private construction industry


With a wagon of 130 specialized contractors under our belt, 35 reputed architects and designers, and countless project helpers, we are a proud company having invested in the dream vision of the Startup India initiative begun by the Central Government in 2015 

Yet again, we have been recognized by the Department of Industry and Internal Trade for our efforts and innovation we are bringing to the construction industry time and time again.  


In News

Having been identified as Hyderabad’s top brand in luxury construction by Entrepreneur Stories, we cater to our customers with turnkey and tech backed construction solutions.

We have been published as a brand that has embraced technology in construction. Building end-to-end solutions for customers is something that makes us stand apart. Understanding the might of the construction industry as a whole, we as a brand chose to revolutionize it with transparency and technology.

Here is a sneak peek of the in depth review by Dailyhunt.