IT Space Hitec City

A collaborative workspace for an IT company|A contemporary workspace for an IT company

The architects approached Builtiful to work as project management consultants (PMC) for the interior execution of an IT office space in Hitech City. Even though the architect provided all the drawings, our expert professionals provided some suggestions and made a few decisions on-site, which even the architects appreciated. The office space for an IT company is divided into multiple cubicles. However, since neighbouring offices had employees working from 9 am to 6 pm, the team had to work late at night. Therefore, all the noisy tasks, such as cutting, chipping, drilling, etc., were done during the wee hours.

Considering this is a workspace, comfort and ergonomics are very important. Our team made changes considering the same, such as negating the use of steps and replacing the same with cove light for an inviting, well-lit office. Another suggestion we made was also to change the existing washbasin in the men’s washroom and add more for easier access. Also, the punning on walls was not on a smooth surface and not as per plumb bob. 

We also faced a few challenges, such as the AC unit thickness, which was about 30″ in that particular area where we had to provide steps in the ceiling. Cove lighting helped fix this issue. Part of the turnkey execution was also to do paintwork, which was particularly difficult during the rainy season. However, using Halogen lights instead of natural heat helped solve the problem and allowed the paint to dry faster.

The office is also located on the fourth floor, and one service lift caters to the 130 units with work-in-progress in 50 units. Hence, the process of material shifting, debris removal, etc., took longer, but our team ensured a smooth execution through the entire process. We helped the clients realise their vision and transcend their expectations while maintaining best industry practices.