Modern Home Builders Are The New Future

Modern Home Builders Are The New Future

“We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us.” – Winston Churchill.

Much like Winston Churchill said, your building or your home will shape your lifestyle as well as you. Hence, it is essential to understand the importance of the construction of your ideal home. But the path of home construction can be difficult, and at times, it may even become exhausting. It is because constructing a house requires several decisions, including labour support, project execution, project monitoring, etc., that are not always easy to make. Unforeseen hurdles may creep in and delay the construction–leaving you to feel lost and unsatisfied. But building your dream home should never be an exhaustive process. It should be easy, enjoyable, and efficient, especially in a modern world where everything works with convenience. This is why we require modern construction solutions for modern-day homes. While designing houses and decorating them has always been common in the residential home sector, privatized construction of homes is still a space that is unexplored in the country. This means only local contractors, unprofessional worker systems, etc., are available for such constructions that are still lagging from a modern construction technologies perspective. This leads us to an array of construction dilemmas that almost every homeowner has faced.

These problems can be divided into four categories-

1. Inefficient, Locally Handled Construction Teams

Did you know that millions of dollars go in vain every year due to the inefficiency of construction teams? Yes, due to the lack of privatized construction companies, people usually hire local construction teams who do not have the experience of professionalism and quick turnaround time. Working with these loosely held local teams also brings a lot of miscommunications during project executions. This leads to a number of messed-up construction decisions that ultimately eat up your valuable time.

2. Absence Of Technical Support In Construction

This is a mainstream problem of the construction sector in our country. The lack of tech-led projections creates a gap in the standardization of projects, leading to a high probability of human manual error. Thus creating a void in the process requires too many back and forth discussions, ultimately hampering the original timelines.

3. Improper Planning Of The Process

Due to the lack of professional teams and technology, the planning of constructions often goes haywire. This is the reason why home constructions take more time than planned and become more expensive than decided. Improper planning also results from miscommunication among different teams such as architecture, project management, interior designers, etc.

4. Loss of Expenses

Another big problem while dealing with construction is the loss of expenses that can arise due to many reasons. For example, for unforeseen issues, project mismanagement, etc., the construction of your house can get delayed. And this delay can charge a lot of money, ultimately draining your capital for unproductive reasons. And these kinds of delays are very common in local construction projects due to the lack of proper coordination among teams and managers and human error.

These four problems lead to construction difficulties which ultimately affect your busy timeliness. Therefore the right way is to opt for modern construction solutions that are convenient, properly planned, and dependable.

Builtiful Homes and Buildings brings a new and practical approach to expensive modern home constructions that are ideal for premium home designs.

Here are our five modern home construction solutions that make us the best choice to build your dream home. 

1. High-End Quality

We know your dream home cannot be compromised with mediocre quality material. Hence, we are here with the best and the high-end quality materials that will define your home in the most appropriate way. We have tied up with some of the premium materials and finishes dealers who bring globally acclaimed quality material that would redefine homes in the country forever. From premium construction materials to sophisticated design sensibilities, we take care of every facet of your home construction to give you the best in the industry. We also give the liberty to choose materials, finishes, fabrics for various construction and design purposes. So, you will get a house that is unique to you and your personal taste.

2. Technology-enabled Processes

Technology has redefined businesses forever, which is why it certainly has its presence in the construction aspects of homes and buildings. With different tools and software, the entire process of construction can be automated and well-engineered. As a modern construction company, Builtiful Homes and Buildings bring work with a cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology that minimizes human error and maximizes efficiency. We use global software solutions like RealTracker that provides an end-to-end construction support solution. This tech-led project management approach gives us the liberty in Pre-bidding, bidding to project, and field management. The software also efficiently manages construction projects, personnel, processes, performance, paperwork, and profit that multiple users can access. This makes our entire process machine led that suppresses the chances of project delays and mismanagement. Hence, this solves the human error issues by increasing efficiency near to perfection.

3. Experience In The Expensive Modern Home Builders

With the experience of over 40 years in the construction sector, we have come out to redefine the construction situation in the country. We are an exclusive team of ‘only premium and boutique-like expensive modern home builders here to elevate home constructions’ standards. Our experience of more than four decades in the country has allowed us to understand the perks of home constructions and solve the recurring problems that often surface in the market. Our exclusivity also enables us to identify the projects that require nothing less than the best in the country. Some of our most luxury and premium projects in Hyderabad are in the upscale areas of Jubilee hills and Secunderabad, etc.

4. Exclusive Designs 

Similar to our high-quality construction achievements, we are also here to give you exclusive architecture and interior design solutions for your home. Our team of globally recognized architects and interior designers come up with some of the most unique and lavish home designs that would elevate the design statement of your area. Building homes in some of the poshest neighborhoods in Hyderabad, we have designed some of the most ultra and uber-cool homes. Our team of architects and interior designers is led by designers who have years of experience designing luxury residential buildings in the USA.

5. Real-time Access For HomeOwners

Our tech-led project management systems come with remote access facilities–letting you access the construction and building of your house from anywhere. Thus, you would not have to come to the site every now and then to look at the processes because you will be able to access them at your convenience. From real-time updations to 24X7 camera surveillance, you can be a part of the construction, designing processes of your home at every step. You can also access the timeline tracking of your project so that you can plan your schedules accordingly without the need for any meetups with the project people. Thus you will get end-to-end, daily progress access for your construction. This also helps in proper coordination for homeowners who are very away. For example, you can access your Indian home construction even if you are abroad.

Builtiful Homes and Buildings bring an overall construction solution aimed at overcoming the present inefficiencies of the industry. It has come up with the latest technologies, features, and designs that solve the circadian issues of the market. It has come up with some of the exclusive designs and high-quality materials and finishes that aim at redefining houses and constructions in the next future. Builtfiul is also bursting the myth of long and delayed construction processes with innovative technologies to make every project streamlined and convenient for the clients. The company caters to quality construction, transparency in costs, and on-time delivery. One of the USPs of the company is that it has its own teams of construction people, project managers, architects, and designers that come with years of experience from the industry. Hence the problems of dealing with inefficient teams are solved right there. Also, the company brings convenience for steps like project schedule and execution–making it ideal for people who have less time to monitor their property constructions. It also brings a specified exclusivity for expensive residential constructions–letting you have only the best and premium designs for your house. In Hyderabad, we have covered different residential buildings in the uptown and suburban areas like Jubilee Hills with our one-of-a-kind designs and smooth project execution techniques. Therefore, this proves that modern home builders are the new face of construction. With the tech-led project management and design decisions, the home building market is redefining with a new dawn of convenience. Builtiful Homes and Buildings is the face of this new dawn of exclusive, expensive modern home builders in Hyderabad and India.