Rajapushra Greendale Project

A premium residence in Tellapur|A spacious & inviting residence in Tellapur

When the architects approached Builtiful for the turnkey execution of the residence of an interior project in Tellapur, the team knew the task would be dotted with challenges. Tellapur is away from the city, which means labour was scarce and would be coming from different parts of the city. As a result, they would arrive late and leave early. Hence, strict timings of 9 AM to 6 PM had to be followed. It meant we had to do more work within a restricted period. Vishal Reddy, founder and CEO of builtiful.in rolled up his sleeves and started taking up each challenge as a stepping stone towards the successful execution of this project.

The G+2 floors residence sprawls across 3400 sq ft and has three bedrooms, a living room, dining space, kitchen, servants’ quarters, home office, seven bathrooms, two balconies and an open garden area. Most of the drawings were provided by the architect, but many changes had to be made on-site as per the client’s suggestions — while we took some based on the site conditions.  

“For the interiors, we opted for a cohesive scheme that would meld earthy browns and cool greys for an inviting vibe. Meticulous finishes a trademark of our brand and we ensured no compromise was made on the same,” says Reddy. From the flooring to the lighting, the intent was to add interesting layers in the design grammar to keep the decor subtle yet eye-catching. 

In the covered porch, an earthy wooden and glass finish with metal accents sets up a contemporary space where the residents can hang out all year round. Elegant marble and natural stone flooring help keep the home naturally cool during the summer months. Even the furniture is thoughtfully curated to ensure a pleasant ambience.